These are currently available, limited edition prints for sale. Each print is signed and ready to hang.

Print image is 14 x 10 1/2 inches with white border around image;  3/4 inches on top and bottom, 2 inches on the sides.


Beautiful is here to inspire us to see the subtle beauty in our lives so that we are inspired to appreciate what is already there.

You Are Mighty

Prayer totem is here to wake up your warrior spirit helping you become aware of your power to change your thoughts and the way you perceive your life.

Magic Ring

We all need a little Magic Ring. Others see it and think it's just ordinary, but we know it is magical and allowing it's energy into our lives can help us create what we want.


You can begin to see yourself in new way; fully expressing the divine, magical essence within you, so that you start creating the life you want.

The Clan

Our clan is our family, our support. Knowing and embracing our clan gives us strength and confidence to face the world.


Apollo has multigenerational visionary vibration, reminding us nothing happens overnight and we need to stand strong and build according to our vision.