Siri A.Lewis

My Mission

As an Artist my mission is to use my talent to create art that inspires, points to new ways of thinking and being so that the viewer is refreshed.

New York City based Finnish American Artist

My relationship to the art that I create has evolved over time.  While I’ve worked with many mediums including creating Finnish “Ryijy” I have been drawn to explore the geometric expression that focuses on color and line.  Actually, I didn’t make a conscious choice to go to that direction, it happened as a by product of changes in my consciousness and the way I perceived my world.  Prior to feeling the impulse to create this type of work I had no interest in geometric art and did not know much about it.  However, when I found myself compelled to create a collection which I later named as “Prayers”, due to the energetic intention imbedded in them,  I also felt compelled to learn more about geometry and the not so well known aspects of energy and tension that is created when color and line combine.  While I learned a lot and continue to learn, I work intuitively on each piece I create.  In my past I may have planned a composition with specific scale and colors, in fact these images would stay with me until I completed them; when I work on Prayers, I suspend the “I” and therefore have no plan in regards to composition and colors I may use, each piece evolves as I work on it.  I am continually inspired by the responses I get from people who connect with Prayers, these responses validate the unique energetic charge each Prayer has. Interestingly the Prayers evolved into “Ships” series that explore “the taking off” once you’ve connected with your inner spirit and gained more insight into who you are. I’ve also worked on commissioned fantasy potraits which are intended to bring out the power of the “hidden you” and when displayed in the home, can be a reminder to you of your unique and powerful identity,  

Commissioned work

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